School Office: 01279 734210


Current Sheering School staff


Mrs Lorna Brittaine


Mrs Sarah Billett


Mrs Louise Ansell – EYFS, LeaderMaths co-ordinator, PE co-ordinator, Deputy Headteacher
Miss Hannah Johnson – Copeland Class (Reception)
Mrs Jenny Uddin/ – Durrington Class (Year 1 & 2)
Mrs Nicole Balloqui – Fitzwalter Class (Year 3 & 4)
Mr Jack Downey – Quickbury Class (Year 5 & Year 6)
Mr Murray Sackwild – Supply cover Years 1-6


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Mara Dasalla – Higher Level Teaching Assistant, one-to-one Durrington Class (Year 1 & 2)
Mrs Bobby Creed – Durrington Class (Year 1 & 2)
Mrs Jo Hadley – Copeland Class (Reception)
Mrs Maria Camp – One-to-one Fitzwalter Class (Year 3 & 4)
Mrs Teresa Stickland – Fitzwalter Class (Year 3 & 4)
Mrs Nicola Ashbee – Quickbury Class (Year 5 & 6)
Mrs Rose Gurteen – Quickbury Class (Year 5 & 6)
Mrs Lorraine Shoults – One-to-one and LSA Cover – Fitzwalter Class (year 3 & 4)
Mrs Erene Brayson – ICT Support


Catering Manager

Mrs Lisa Newman


Midday Assistants

Mrs Elaine King
Mrs Rose Gurteen
Mrs S Fulton
Mr Andrew Crichton
Mrs Claire Dorrian
Mrs W Fulton
Mrs C White


Office Staff

Mrs Julia Syed – School Business Manager
Mrs Zara Steel – Administration Assistant



Mr Andrew Crichton

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